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mutual aid 3.0 !

There ALONE application that uses the videoconference between individuals and that will help you find help in more than 180 skills and in addition it is totally FREE!

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what is it?

Whether dealing with administrative tasks, DIY, troubleshooting, etc., who has never felt, at least once in their life, completely overwhelmed? This feeling of helplessness arises from the fact that we then find ourselves faced with a situation that exceeds our skills and that there is not always someone nearby to ask for help.

On the other hand, there are people with specific knowledge or special skills who would like to share them. The WatchDo application was created from these observations to allow individuals to benefit from help from the community instead of being left alone to face their problems.

WatchDo is simple & free!

How it works ?

It is a community application between individuals which offers the following advantages:

  • You will be able to benefit from rapid and, more importantly, remote assistance for the resolution of your daily problems.
  • Thanks to this application, it will be easier for you to find the person who can help you without necessarily being near your home.
  • WatchDo is a true ecosystem of mutual aid, fast and advantageous for all members.
  • As a Helpme (person in need of help), you will be able to benefit from the community of Helpers (people helping) who will be able to make themselves useful and available to share their knowledge and thus best help you in solving your problem. .
Discover the application

You are probably wondering:

Why use WatchDo?

Easy to be helped

Do you need help with any area of ​​daily living? Our community helps you, quickly and easily via your phone. We are revolutionizing self-help.

An active community

The strength of WatchDO is its large and growing community every day. Share everyone's skills, help someone, thank them with strong gestures.

iOs & Android

To be usable everywhere and by everyone, the WatchDo application is available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. So it's easy to join the community now.

Earn money

Thanks to the application and the regular help you provide to the community, you accumulate helps that you then transform into WDO (cryptocurrency) then you can invest or exchange them in the currency of your choice.

The community helps you:

Some skill areas

Cryptocurrency with WatchDo

How to redeem your rewards?

Exchange against a fiat currency (euros/dollars), against BUSD or the stacker (place it).


You want to exchange your helps for WDO, it's possible! Ask for the value of your helps.

Top Security

Exchange or place your WDOs on the French ZEBITEX platform. 1st exchange approved by the AMF.

WatchDO & crypto

WDO cryptocurrency, what is it?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that rely on blockchain technology to provide transaction security, transparency, and reliability. Cryptocurrencies do not have a physical existence like coins or bills.

They are also not legal tender and are not regulated by a central bank or any financial authority. Indeed, the price of a cryptocurrency depends essentially on the demand for the asset in question.

Crypto-currencies like the WDO are alternative currencies, entirely virtual, which have different uses depending on the entity that issues them (Deflationary and utility like the WDO).

They can be stored and exchanged using a digital wallet. This digital wallet is called wallet. It is protected by a secret code called seed phrase.

To obtain crypto-currencies, it is also possible to go through intermediaries such as trading platforms (ZEBITEX) which hold and protect these assets for you. If you are interested in investing in this type of digital asset, read the rest of the article to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

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