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We provide a global solution to a demand that has always been present since the dawn of time.

We create the need

The principle of WatchDO lies in the provision of a smartphone/tablet application for the benefit of users seeking help or wishing to help others. Thanks to a video system integrated into the application, you will have the possibility of conversing between "Helpme" (person in need of help) and "Helper" (person helping) in order to be able to solve your problem between individuals.

The community

The strength of the WatchDO application will be its large and growing community every day. It will be HELPER or HELPME for this synergy to work perfectly. Sharing everyone's skills, helping a person, thanking them with strong gestures, will allow WatchDO to be among the most important applications in the world.

Let's change the world with mutual aid 3.0

Our engagement

WatchDO undertakes to retrocede part of its profits each year for the benefit of associations that will be selected by the community.


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