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What is WDO cryptocurrency?

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What is WDO cryptocurrency?

  • Supply : 1 000 000 000
  • Pancakeswap wallet: 31.5% blocked 365 days
  • Marketing / Dev wallet: 20%
  • Team project wallet: 16% blocked
  • Starting price: 0,0001$
  • Entrance fees: 0%,
  • Exit fees: 0%

$WDO is a community token based on mutual aid and the desire to help others. It is first of all a deflationary token that will be burned to make it rare. This will be possible with the purchase by the WatchDo company in its economic system. This purchase will not only be used for "Burn" but also to reward Helpers who come to the aid of people who need it, the Helpme.

The $WDO will be a unique value for mutual aid and for the whole world without any country difference. The number of owners of $WDO will be among the largest in the world in a few years. The fact that the WatchDo application is not on the blockchain for its use, the $WDO is then accessible to everyone and becomes a project with explosive potential.



Creation of the BSC contract


Creation of the site

Creation of social networks

Creation of the YouTube channel

WDO Pancakeswape launch


Communication influencers and groups

International communication

App ambassador

CMC / CG / NOMICS referencing

Application specifications

ALPHA and BETA app


Communication influencers and personalities

International communication

Financial partners

SAS business development

French TV communication

Final application and website v2.0

Cryptocurrency with WatchDo

How to redeem your rewards?

Exchange against a fiat currency (euros/dollars), against BUSD or the stacker (place it).


You want to exchange your helps for WDO, it's possible! Ask for the value of your helps

Top Security

Exchange or place your WDOs on the French ZEBITEX platform. 1st exchange approved by the AMF.


Invest Invest in WatchDO by buying WDO and support a project that will change the world of mutual aid.

Current WDO priceWDO BSC contract

Invest in WatchDo by buying WDO and support a project that will change the world of self-help.

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