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The strength of the WatchDO application will be its large and growing community every day.

Stéphane Donabedian

CEO Founder

Real estate expert for 20 years I have created several projects in my life. I had the idea of ​​WatchDo in 2015 to launch it in 2021. For 2 years in cryptocurrency I have associated the WatchDo project to create the WDO token.

Youtubeur Cryptinfo.

President of association for 3 years and having participated in several TELETHON.

Stéphane Bucca

Shareholder Advisor

IT training Network Industry and its Services. Between 2004 and 2016 at Eiffage as business manager and since 2016 CEO of Energium.

Investor in various projects, he wished to support the WatchDO by a significant contribution in private funds. His help is important in the future of the project.

The WatchDO

Choose the right partner

Choosing the right partner To create the WatchDO application, we chose CKC-NET for their experience since 2004 in the world of digital development.

Based in Sophia Antipolis and Lyon, their team has created more than 200 projects, whether to create a website, develop a mobile application, reference a website or even support them in writing content.

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Our NFT artist

Gaëlle is an independent artist who creates our NFT collection. His modern Hero comics universe fits perfectly with our Helpers who are put in situation. With the LUXURY, BEST HELPERS, LIMITED SERIES AND BEST DOMAIN series, she showcases her talents as a designer. Follow her on social networks.

They witness


The watchdo project is innovative and attractive in every way. It allows me to combine my troubleshooting needs and also give my skills. But also fill my attraction for cryptocurrency with the wdo. And in addition, donations to associations to help even more other people, I am delighted. It is beneficial for everyone.


Watchdo is a breakthrough in community support. No matter the problem, there will always be someone in the world who can help us.


Super application which in my opinion will be a real success. Having backed the WDO crypto on this project is a great idea. For my part, I become an investor in this adventure. A real opportunity.

Invest in WatchDo by buying WDO and support a project that will change the world of self-help.

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